“By now” – ╚7╔

The words of that tiny salamander were resounding in our ears, like a broken record, and the fear that it could attack in any at time, was a fixed nails, but despite everything, we had to rest.

They were passed  few hours, but it seemed that we were there from a time, and if, we didn’t wanted admitted it, we were tired, and we wanted go upstairs to lay us on bed.
We left the two cups on the table, but you have taken the knife, and with a complicit glance, you have gave it to me while you was taking me.
Your eyes were saying: “It don’t ever know”, and i nodded.

The rain didn’t have ever stopped to tap on the window, and when we went up, after have left me, you went to see out of the bedroom’s window, and you haven’t surprised yourself to see Will The Wheel below the street lamp, who slowly, was taking off the wheel’ tool to rectract himself inside his shell.

Even  if, you was far, you was remained to stared at him for long, and in those fragments of seconds, as a flashback, you have could see his fight against that inhumane force.
His left two paws were been cut clean, an now the wheel tool it was the only for walk. 
And now without his wheel tool, seemed the most helpless creature, but now that we were there, he was our guard, and you knew it had to be like this. 
Even if, you was came out to convice him to enter to rest better, there wasn’t nothing to do for make him enter.
He looked at himself around, then slowly he entered definitely in his own shell, while the rain was tapping on him.

I knew, you was looking at someone who we knew, and when you got back to me, just a name has came out from your mouth, while we held back the breathe, and we have throw it away, really slow.
You laid yourself next me: for an endless second we looked at each other, while our thoughts were crossing one with another, and that damned rain was increasing, each raindrop was falling, and from far thunder and lightening, seemed to start again above that city.

You had turned off the bedside light, while from far, the light of a lightening was illuminating part of the room, and when i was about to lean myself to you, the roar of a thunder has made me jolt, and you have embraced me strong, and you have reassured me that it wasn’t nothing. 

But whom you wanted deceive? We both knew that one it was just a prelude of something bigger.
That thunder, seemed have no end, and it has made shake the window, while you was tightening me more to you, while the rain made itself stronger: it seemed wanted enter in, to announce that what it had previously done, it was only a thing of nothing, in comparison to what it would have done, and another blinding lightening has illuminated all the neighborhood, making see everything what it had hid till now, and the shadows of the iron spikes stiked between the brickwalls, seemed elongated arms that wanted reaching us, and only few minutes after those pointed arms, have left the opposite wall to the window, and even if, they were only shadows, when for those few seconds, they has oscured our skin, a long shiver has crossed our back, and when they has left the bedroom, we have taken again to breathe.

It seemed a force bigger beyond our limits: just with a shadows’ game had paralyzed us, and in someways, we were feel caged between those shadows, and in our deep, we knew, it was only a test, and we had lost it.

When the rain has dincreased, we looked at each other with wide eyes, and for a minute we remained in silence, then, embracing me stronger to you, you have sighed: “Let’s try to sleep”.
Here it is, to TRY it was the right word after what we had felt, but we had, already know, that we have would close few times the eyes that night.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“After heard” – ╚6╔

“After” – ╚8╔⇒

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