Our connection

In these hours is the biggest than other times. It is moving from the guts. 

I have the lump in the stomach that is scrambling me inside, and now i explain myself our electric shocks in these previous hours. 
I’m holding back the breathe, and my emotions are growing fast. 

Our Parallel World is raising around us, and i can feel your embrace around my belly make itself sweetly stronger, and i’m starting to shake.

Your words are the sweetest i ever heard, and everything is vanishing, while Our Parallel World is wrapping us.

Our connection is becoming everything i really need in this period, and you are the only whom can understand perfectly, even without to speak.
Everything i really need is in your being.

I can perceive you are throwing away the air from the lungs with me, because it’s the same what you need.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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