“After heard” – ╚6╔

All the story of that small salamander, getting back in the apartament, the only thing we have could has been to think to that frame with the names of their fallen, and it was resounding in our heads that last sentence he had said, almost whispering it: “It seemed like to fight against the nothing”, and this has scared us much
It seemed, almost, we knew which meaning had the word he had said so slowly. 

And we had heard those screams of that guardian, when he got back inside the local. 
They had paralyzed us, but we had continued to walk: we had know to continue to put us in safe.

Arrived in front of the gate of the apartment, you stopped, and without an apparent reason, you have lifted the face to stare the yellowish light of that street lamp, while the rain seemed to fall more delicately, and now it could have be appear as a wet veil that slowly was covering our bodies.

I looked at you for a moment, then i whispered your name, and then, like awoke from a nightmare, you have directed your wide eyes toward me, and in a sigh you said: “Yes, you have right, let’s enter”.

Before to went straight at the sofa, you stopped in the kitchen to take something to drink: we had got use to do it before to go upstairs, and usually it was a cup of tea for you and a cup of milk for me, but that evening, if ever it was been really evening, we haven’t drink not even a sip. 
Those two cups remained in fron of us, next to the knife that you had take off from the trouser belt, and both we have stared it, as if, it was the only weapon that it could defend us and everybody else.

We threw away the air from the lungs, and for a moment our glances lost themselves one in another, thinking to the first creature who had faced up to that big invisible force.

In that long frame, it was the only whom had a picture, and he seemed enough big and strong: below that feline structure, it were hiding great muscles, and his abdominals, were the only thing he was showing proudly in that picture, and from the story that salamander had told us, for the feline itself, and for the inhabitants had thought that it would been easy defeat it for him.
But it has been, even true, the ease by an invisible element to sweep away a strong feline like him: unique weapon of defense, on which they could counting on.

And it was the common idea of all those creatures who has reunited around the counter, to pianify a defense plan, and each one were saying own , and in their voices, whom more, whom less, we had heard the real dread that it could return again to spread that invisible terror,  sweeping away all that it had left in standing.
And like someone had told: deleting their unique weapon of defense, each instants was good to attack, and at end, scared everybody nodded, even the Big Black Spider, who was overhunging on us.

It has passed us all this in few seconds that we were remained to stare those two cups on the ltttle table in front, and more all those thoughts were crossing our minds, more we stared that knife, and just one thing we have sighed at unison.
It wasn’t enough.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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