“Even if” – ╚4╔

WIll knew perfectly the question that was rounding in our minds, from the moment we had met him, he wanted hear it come out from our mouth.

While we were looking at him was cleaning the wheel’s tool with the only front paw he had, and when you have formulated it, almost he didn’t have waited for it, and he remained with a bunch of leafs in the paws, that were stuck in the wheel, and your question has chilled all in the local, while one of the creatures, who had  stared us was about to get up, but Will knew how get out from those situations.

He made us got up immediately, and we went to sit in front of the counter, where the black giant Spider was still serving the other costumers sat next to us, but his whole attention was set on those new strange creatures who were together with Will The Wheel.
The question was the simpliest, but even, the dangerest that it could do in a public place, like that bar.

Will had take a quick glance to the creature with the bad face, then he got back to look at us in front pretend nothing, but he knew that question had catched the attention of creature. 
The Spider could see him better behind our shoulders, and by now, his glance didn’t have take off from us, we could see his big head trough the display window behind the counter.

Each words that we have would pronnounced would be examined letter by letter, from that creature, who had done the void around him.

But there was another reason, why Will had brought us to the counter, besides to be protected by The Black Spider. 
There was another creature who could reply to the question that we had formulated, without nobody could hear his words, and when Will seemed had beated his paw on the counter, like this by chance, after few seconds later, from a small tin box, has came out a tiny salamander, that crawling fast, it placed itself in front of us, and it has wanted that you take it on your palm, to be sure to be heard what he had to say us.

On your palm he was sure that noboby could see him: he looked at us, and with his whole black eyes, has started to examine who had in in front, then he looked at Will, who was continuing to clean the wheel’s tool from all the mud that it was drying, but he has whispered: “He’s the only witness of what has happened that night”. And he looked at him first then that creature behind our shoulders. 
And without realizing, you have tightened the hold of the knife that had gave you Woot, well hid below your shirt, and my hand was tightening your thigh, under the counter.

The black and deep eyes of that tiny salamander has met your, and in those instants, everything seemed dissolving: even the buzz of the rain outside, seemed apparentely go slow, while the sibilant voice of that tiny creature has started speak.
It seemed that his voice had a calmant effect on everything, even on the Black Spider who has begun to get slow down his quick movements, and everybody around seemed fallen in  a temporary sleep, while Will was checking that big creature behind us. 

Without realizing, even him was getting slow down, and all in a sudden everything it stopped to round, just the rain, that it was the element more powerful than other thing in that dimension, in those instants, seemed tapping again stronger on the glass window of the local, and it seemed want enter to sweep us away, already knowing, that maybe we were the next to face up to.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We looked” – ╚3╔

“When the sibilant” – ╚5╔⇒

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