“We looked” – ╚3╔

At the turtle with that wheel, and we didn’t know what say: we wanted presenting us, but, something it saying us that the turtle knew, already our names, but we didn’t know his: we have perceived that it was about a male that one that we had in front, just hearing his voice.

The rain was falling incessable, and the buzz that we hearing was the tapping on the iron spikes that were caging the brickwall , and i was staring it, as if, it had to speak to me in at any moment.

To that lugubre atmosphere i had to get use, and to each noise, i turned myself around scared.
While you seemed more quite, and you wanted get pay attention to that turtle who was seemed more interested to each my reactions.

But at end he has cleared his voice, and he presented himself: “My name is Will the Wheel”, and we reached to the conclusion that Will was a shortcut to define his tool to walk more speedly, and it was like this.
He nodded smiling, and without we had spoken, he replied: “Exact, just like this! Will the Wheel, for the friends, simply Will”

Without reveal nothing, we had understood that he could read the mind, and while he was still looking at me, who i tried to give me some logic answers, looking at me around.
While we got wet always more, Will seemed didn’t care of.
He got used to it: the rain was a natural element after what was happened, and he have thought that the rain was still a thing to which we had to get using. 
“By now, this rain is a normal thing for us inhabitants, and yes even, this buzz that you are listening to”, and that last sentence was directed to me.

I was tried to get attention to the canopy before to enter inside our apartment: we were completely wet, but Will didn’t seemed intetioned to get repear, on the contrary, he seemed he wanted that we had to follow him. 
Maybe, it was the better thing to do, perhaps, he would conduct us inside some local where, we would also eat something warm.

He has started to walk fast with his wheel, and we have had some difficulties to stay next to him. 
As much hard the rain was falling, and the sky was dark by the grey clouds, we hadn’t know distinguish if it was day or evening, but maybe this wasn’t important: from  Will’s words, it was like this from long time, and maybe him and the other inhabitants hadn’t ever seen a sun ray.

The local was the same: at the end of that long sidewalk, but none bench outside, and the few vegetation around was about to die for the much rain, getting decay the roots in the ground, and the buzz of the rain against the several iron buildings around, was a sound that was put us on more a distress.

Will was waiting for us in front of the bar, and looking at me first, then you, he said: “Within few you will get use to everyhing buzz”. We looked at each other holding back the breathe, for then throw it away, and right after, we entered following by him.

When we have opened the glass door, everybody inside has looked at who was entered, and for a second we remained on the threshold, but immediately Will has pushing us inside more, making himself place between us who were staring each one of the costumers inside, who had their eyes set on those new two beings 
There was whom was murmuring, and whom only was staring us at our slow passage.

Will had warning us before to enter: someone of  the customers were one of the baddest creatures that we could meet in that rainy city, and he was reccomending himself to don’t looking at who was staring us only, because it could unleash something’s bad. Instead who was murmuring was someone on we could count on, but who was whispering it could counted on a hand, and almost, they had fear, even of their own voices, but we had taken note of their faces, and slow we went to sit to a table next to counter, where behind of  it there was just a one giant black spider that with his paws who serving quickly more costumers at once, and his fast moves were seemed a dance, that seeemd going  at rhythm with the rain that was tapping on the big window of the facade.

Will had ordered something to eat for us, and just a drink for him: when the giant black spider has stretched our dishes, we have croocked the nose, but Will had said: “It’s better that you get to use to it, because it’s the only dish that he is able to prepare, doing thousand thing at the same time” and he smiled. 

That dish hadn’t at all a good aspect, and not even a ivinting perfume, but however it was steaming, and we had need something warm that had warmth our guts, and without thinking much we have  swallowed the first spoon of that broth, and without realizing, at the end, we have cleaned it, at least gave us some energies, and above all, it had heated us.
And when the big black spider, with his long thin paws has taken away the dishes in front of us, we have looked at Will who was wait for that question.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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