“We have had” – ╚2╔

A jolt when HIM has closed the door of that apartment, that was remained the same but had something that has chilled us the blood.

We knew the ambient, we knew how move ourselves inside: in silent we have went to the sofa.
We remained in silence for all the time we were on it.

It wasn’t the ambient that petrifying us, but it was the buzz that we listening to outside: the buzz of that new city.
Outside was raining and the raindrops were tapping on the big window and some thunders were resounding outside, making shake the only structure that made us see outside, when a lightening has illuminated the whole open space, creating stranges shadows on the floor of the few forniture that the apartment had inside.
We remained still on the sofa, absorbing in those few seconds that new atmosphere.

Even the buzz of that city was hearing itself louder, despite  the apartment was located in the same dark alley, the noises seemed more acute, and just only an image has came in our mind: iron everywhere, and just one thought has crossed us: this atmosphere would have accompanied us everyday in this new dimension.

We have take again to breathe normally, while that rain was beating on the window, as if it wanted enter, for get us wet, as if, was a her right.
When another lightening, all in a sudden, has illuminated again the apartment making take life those objects that to which we hadn’t ever noticed till now. 

I looked at you for a second, and in my head there was one only question, to which, by now, i could give only a unique answer. Even you had that question, but you have sighed it: “What we do here?”
Even if, we were in the only safe place we knew, we were feeling in trap.

Our heart were beating strong: each lightening that was entering, it was new ghost that was wandering inside the apartment making us jolt, and each thunder that was following it, seemed given us a terrible welcome.

You got up, while i was asking you where was going to, holding your hand: certanly, you would not go away, but you have assured me saying: “I stay here”, and slow you went to the big window, to see if you was capable to see something that it would have give you some another indications in which strange city, or dimension we were fallen.

I didn’t had left your hand, since when we were entered again in the apartment, so i got up, and between thunders and lightenings that were creating their own ghosts, i have reached you, and this time, been me to envelope your belly, and just when you have felt my hand wrapping your body, you turned round, and i asked: “Where have we ended up?”

You didn’t know how to answer me, and you have continued to look at outside the big window, and from there you had noticed something, that however you didn’t have focalized. You was looking for to focus on that small particular, but from that window you wasn’t able to see what it was, then you said: “I have to check something, from here i don’t able to. Let’s go up”. I tried to look at outside the window toward the part you was stared, but i didn’t have seen nothing. 

Had you understand one thing  that to me has escaped? I just looked at you, and you have taken me among your arms, and we went upstairs.
From that other big window, you could see better that small particular, that it could be insignificant, like the contrary.
“Do you see it?”, you asked indicating it, while you was embracing me from behind.
I didn’t have noticed it, but now.
Just from that particular we had understand that someone in that city, had made some changing.
I turned me round toward you, and i looked at you wide eyes.

The street lamp was been moved, and now it was illuminating the opposite side where we had left it: it was just below the yellowish building, and the brickwall in front was caged by iron.
We looked at each other, for a second, then a strange creature has catched our attention: it was the very first creature that we were seeing, since when we were arrived there.
It was stopped below the street lamp, as if it was resting. 
It looked to a turtle, but it seemed it had a support with a wheel to walk. 

We have had the same thought, and we haven’t waste the time, even if we hoped to meet HIM, but in our deep, we knew that it was impossible: he was only our ferryman from the old dimension to that new one, and when we went outside that turtle  came to us, and we met to half way. 
“I was waiting for you, i knew you would come.”
We have looked each other astonished, then we got back to look at the turtle speechless.

It was still raining.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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