Here you arrived

And you have embraced me from behind, and the soft punch in the stomach has grown up fast.

I have felt your soft hands on  my skin, and your soft words were telling “Please come with me inside Our Parallel World”, now i throw away all the air i have in my lungs, and i startin to shake. 

I close the eyes, and i feel your lips on my mouth.
Your hands are tightening my hips, and without realizing, our slow dance begins in the sweeter way possible.
Our minds getting connect each other. and i see you close to me. 
Our heads are touching. and Gebo is in front of me: our union is written by some bigger force of universe, and we can feel it.

Despite we are far, we can feel  our connection make itself stronger each day is pass by, and we can feel it in our slow dance we doing: it’s there that our souls are merging one with another.
We whisper us, what we are feeling, and slowly, you pulling me to you more, and i put one hand on your chest, and i can feel your heart beating strong.

Delicately i caress your bare chest, while our glances meet, and you are smile whispering my name, then sweetly you kiss me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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