“We were” – ╚1╔

Acrossing that door without to know what it would have wait for us beyond.
We had our hands well tight one in another, and our glance were dancing like two crazies between us, and HIM, was behind, who was  explaining what we have would seen, once crossed that door. 

By now, his guttural sounds were a flow of words, and he didn’t stop to talk. 
In reality, he hadn’t never stopped to talk, in that neighborhood in which he had lost his life, but not his soul, and in that limbo, he had found someone who for the very first time was understanding him, and he could share some thoughts, but maybe he hadn’t understand that in that instants, we were concetrated on that small path that we were doing.
And just when we have see a small dot of light that slowly it got bigger, he understood the importance of the silence, and all in a sudden that buzz that we hearing, it stopped, and even us stopped.

We looked at each other, and without realizing we threw away all the air from the lungs. 
We had across another path, and that small dot we had seen it was just a keyhole of that door that it would have dive ourselves in that one, that it would been our new dimension.

That door that we had in front was totally black, and just really in front, and when HIM has excceded us, has touched with a hand the door handle, he looked at us seriously.

Unconditionally you have pulled me to you: we knew that beyond that black door, it was waiting for us something new, new friends, and new challenges to face up to, and for a moment we looked at each other wide eyes, and i could hear you asking yourself just one question, and that question, more you was repeating it, more you was saying it always more aloud, as long you have looked at me straight into the eyes, and at end you have made it to me: “Are you ready?”

By now get back in real world was impossible, and our destinies were bonded to these fantastic and magic parallel worlds, and something it was saying us that we did belonged to the real world no longer. 
Beyond all that, there was something stronger that was pushing us in those reality in which we had found the real meaning of friendship: a friendship deeper than that one we had taken in consideration till now.
Each creature that we had met had taught us something more important than a human friendship.

All these considerations flewn fast in our minds, and just a beckon has given us the thrust to say us: “Yes”: we were ready to enter in that new dimension.
Therefore, HIM has opened the door, and he remained on the threshold, and slowly, he made us exceeded that borderline. 

For a second we remained to stared him: we wanted let him enter in, above all you, but in our deep, we knew, that he couldn’t exceed that borderline, and that his dimension, was that one: between the real and the surreal, and in that dimension, he would have lived well: one thing that we have would learn later, and just who had choose to don’t return in real world, it could travel between those dimensions, and with all our experiences, we had decided to don’t return no longer in real world, and now we knew to make just few steps, and in few seconds later, we would found ourselves, in that new dimension that we have would begun to know, just living as we had done till now.

Open that door a  bliding light has made us close the eyes, and we weren’t able to see in which ambient HIM had brought us, but there was none buzz, just a silence that was filling our ears.

Little by little, that flash in our eyes was disappearing, and slowly we were understanding where we were, and with great marvellous, we have realized that we were entered again in the apartment. 
While we were checking that everything was ok, we had felt something different.

The buzz of the city.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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