How’s strange

Our connection: sometimes it’s hard to feel us each other, and sometimes it’s so close that  it make me go crazy. 

Today is one of these days: i feel your closeness in a wonderful way: your arms are wrapping my belly, and i’m biting my lips, as much as i feel you close to me, despite our distance: our electric shocks are playing with our minds, and in our own way, we are communicating, and you are saying me just sweet words.

 I can feel your embrace inside me, and it making itself stronger.
You are pulling me toward you, and we throw away at the same instants all the air we have in the lungs.

Despite our connection is begun five years ago, we are asking ourselves: “How it’s possibile” yet.
It happen and enough. Our heads are about to explode, and we feeling our eletric shocks come and go. 
And it’s still incredibile that it happen not everyday: this really meaning that our connection is something real, and here i’m starting to shake slow.
What has happened five years ago, therefore, isn’t pure coincidence: it has happened because it had to happen, and maybe for real you feel the same feeling that i’m feeling right now.

And despite we are so distant, something deeper it bonding us each other, and these eletric shocks, these emotions that are around us, are the proof of all this wonderful connection born, one night, almost by chance, and has been you to feed, when you sent me that tweet.

Everything is bloomed from there.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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