“You was” – ╚Prologue╔

Embracing me strong to your chest, when a shiver has made us shaking at the same instant, and little by little, we have feeling a strange sensation inside us, like the mind was get divided itself from the bodies, and all in a sudden, the image of that bench, in the exact instant in which you have sat next to me for the very first time, and i have started to speak, almost without realizing, about you and your friend.

My soft tone of voice was accompanying us in that strange journey of return, and everything was so calm.
I was leaving over my shoulders the latest tracks of my FairyWitch, and we have seen the golden light fading as long the last bunch of dust has fallen in a sort of black hole, illuminating it from inside, and in that last glimmer, we have seen all those creatures that we had saluted some hours before, but when the black hole closing itself, a sound it was remained in our ears, and it seemed to don’t moving away, on the contrary, it was approaching to us: or better it was that we were approaching to it.

I stopped, and that one, who has start to speak, been you: each one were in his own dimension, we could not see each other, but our voices, were the only way to make us feel close one another.

You have started to tell your first emotions when you have met me, but more we approaching to it, more your voice was breaking itself, and despite i couldn’t see you, i could see your eyes getting themselves always more wet.
Even me, i was recognizing that sound, that was becoming maybe, our gate to enter again in that world that we believed be the world in which we wanted get back.

We haven’t spoke: we were upheavel by our emotions, but what we could hear were our breaths, and we could feel each one was holding back the breathe for then throw it away, and that sound, little by little, were become always more recognizable, in that guttural sound that we believed to hear no longer. 

We were travelling on different lanes to reach the same target. We had taken those different paths, but at each long breathe we were doing, they got closer one another, as long our hands touched one another, and we have sighed our names, and our eyes met again. 
Our eyes were full of those tears that we hadn’t able to hold back since when we have recognized the guttural sounds of HIM, whom in those instants, was materializing himself in front of us.

Little by little, in that dimension those his guttural sounds, got transforming in comprensible sentences.
We looked at each other, and what he was asking us it was only one thing.
Everything was depending on what we really wanted.

“Do you want get back in the routine of the real world in which you are about to enter again, or discover new worlds, new dimensions in which you can, for real,  find yourself”.
This was what HIM was asking us, agiting his arms in air, issuing his guttural sounds.

You have looked at me, and without convicing me more than much, you have taken my hand, and i have nodded. 
Behind HIM, there was an only door, that have would taken us in the dimension in which we want have would to go.
HIM has open that door, and we have crossed it, really slow.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We entered” – *interlude*

“We were” – ╚1╔⇒

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