You are

Smiling, and slowly come next to me, and i can hear your sweet voice: “I was sure  that you would made it”, and delicately you are embrace me. 

Today our eletric shocks are starting in these instants, and our connection is slow, but there is that soft punch in the stomach that is telling us that Parallel World is around us, and just in these moment i can feel your sweet embrace make itself stronger, and in our heads, our electric shocks are wakening themselves.

I’m biting my lips, cause your embrace is here, around me, and inside my being, and eveything is taking me to you. 
I’m thinking to you, and you can feel my thought crossing your mind. 
You can feel my electric shocks, and you are thinking to me, or you are dreaming of me.

I’m shaking the head, and i say myself that all this isn’t poissible, but it’s so.
It enough that one of us think to the other, and all this magic begin. 
All these emotions are wrapping us, and our connection start to make us feel closer than before.

Few seconds, and everything is how we want: soft, delicate, and despite our distance, we can feel our touches. 
You taking my hands, and you taking in front of that big window, and we start our slow dance. 
Just like this, how i figured: you in front of me with that unfastened white shirt, and slowly, you take my hand, and you lean it on your bare chest, and the soft light of that wonderful and delicate sun, is envelope us, and your sweet and slow words are saying me what are you feeling, and they make us fly into Our Parallel World. 


Listen to it  ⇓⇓

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