You are

Delicately embracing me: our soft punch in the stomach is growing up, and our heads are about to explode.
You are looking at me from far, but our thoughts are gettin touch each other, and i looking at you so in silence, but in mynd i have milions of words that i would like to whisper you, but in someway, i know you can feel them, that’s why i’m shaking, and my vise inside is stronger than ever.
It’s that one little dot inside my soul that is get bigger, and it’s from there i feel your arms that envelope my belly, and it make go crazy my heart.

I have to close the eyes for a second, to realize how much strong our closeness is, and have to throw away the air from the lungs.
Teiwaz is front of me, and is telling just beautiful thing regarding us, and in that light in your eyes, it make me hope.

You make me feel Alive, and our love goes beyond each logics. We know we can feel our feelings and our electric shocks are the proof that Our Parallel World is around us.
My heart is going crazy and you can feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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