“We entered” – *interlude*

In the apartment with the awareness that we would not see no more all those creatures, and in someways or in another, we were about to return in that dimension called it real world.

Closed the door we stopped for a while. We looked at us around, as if, we entered in that apartment for the very first time.
Inside of it, was breathing a chill atmosphere.
Despite the big window was closed, we could feel that cold air that, slowly was entering in our bones. We looked at each other, and hand in hand we went straight to the sofa, and there we were remained, waiting for something.
“Do you feel it?” you asked, and i nodded only.
You went in the kitchen to take some water for both: when you got back you have leaned one glass on the little table, and the other you have offered it to me: you knew i had to drink some liquids, and delicaltely you have said: “You have to recover the energies… drink slow” and you have looked at me who was drinking some small but different sips from that glass that, little by little, was emptying fast.
I was weak, but just all your cures made me feel better. 

When i finished you have leaned it on that table, and even the knife that Woot have given you was there, and when you have leaned the empty glass next to it, we have started to stared at it.
Both knew what he have would say you, looking at you with those small eyes.
“Be careful, use it if it is really necessary”  and it was th
e knife was speaking to each of us behalf Woot, when a small glimmer has make bright the blade in that instant, as if the knife had a own life. 
For a second we looked at each other astonished, but we were so tired even to reasoning on that, and maybe even it was just our tiredness to pulling bad jokes.

All that words were buzzing in my ears yet, and i really wanted a bit of silence, and to hear a regular rythm it would have got calm me, and after drunk another sips of water from the other glass, i leaned on your chest, and you have embraced me delicately.
Even you had need to rest, and you have thought that we have would sleep better in bed, and when you have realized that i fallen asleep, with some effort you have taken me upstairs.
Yours wounds on the arms were aching yet, but  you was happy to have put me on comfortable mattress instead of that sofa. 

Some blood came out from your arm, and you went to bathroom to clean it and for changed the bandaged i had done.
Before to die, one of those creatures had wounded you in a profound way on that arm, and it had started to bleeding again.

Finished, you have looked at you in the mirror, and one by one, you was saluting everybody, and you knew they would could feel it, and maybe it was the very last goodbye to everybody, still camped out in that dark alley.  

When you got back in the room, i was sleeping, and for a moment, you have looked at me, and just in those instants you have understood the speech to the small fairywitch, and slowly you have laid next to me, and like on sofa, you have enveloped me among your arms, while our electric shocks has started to cross our minds, as if  our beings had to be connect more, and felt, you have tightened me more to you, and whispering my name you fallen asleep, caressing me sweetly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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