“You had looked” – tale *42*

At the whole scene from behind me, and little by little, you was understand something very important in those words that i had as soon said to the small fairywitch. A thing that i would have realized later. 
In those seconds, maybe unconditionally or maybe not, you have tightened me more to you, when i was explaining yet what she had did for everytbody in that dark alley.

In you mind, you was realizing that were the last hours in that neighborhood, in that strange dimension populated by those creatures, that you had begun to appreciate more than human beings, and maybe it was the last time that you was next to Skull Cap: that ernomous creature who has welcomed us in that dimension, almost clashing one another, or better, he was about to crush us the very first time we had take a glimpse to the same neighborhood but with those creatures totally different one another.

A slow buzz was starting to lift itself among the creatures, and little by little, the chill air was disappearing, but everybody in that dark alley, were about to perceiving something, and it wasn’t something around , but something inside them, inside their souls, and even when the one eye blind creature, who was walking toward Woot, stopped, and just when their glances were meeting, also a shiver crossed his back, and their gazes turned around, looking for those two leaned on the yellowish wall of that building, and all in a sudden, once again, in that buzz has fallen in a silence, where everybody have could hear just one soft voice who was reccomend itself to his interlocutor.

“I never known to be a FairyWitch, and i haven’t known how to use her powers: just looking at you, i have understand your very potential: in few time i have learnt more things from you than in a whole life, living in the ignorance of my real powers” with those words, i was leaving my invisible throne to that little FairyWitch, who was looking at me breatheless, and some tears were falling from his little face. 
She was shaking like a leaf, and even a small blow of air from my lungs, it would her sweep away.

Those slow words has resounded in all heads of those creatures still around, while you have started to tightening my hand crossing your fingers with mine one by one, and i could feel each your thought that was running in your mind, and could feel beat your heart like a crazy, and you was looking at Skull Cap with wide eyes.
While everybody were came in front of us, to see this handover, and maybe even to see our return in that dimension that, in someways, was belonging us more.

Your head was about to explode with all the feelings that you was feeling in those instants. 
You don’t knew where look at, but your face has turned round toward Skull Cap, who had his big eyes humid, and he was pulling up with his nose.

“In you, we have met valids friends, and the bravest warriors we will don’t forget you”, you said, helping me to stand up, meeting the gaze of each one of the creatures.
And when i met the big eyes of Skull Cap, he has wanted to take me in to your big paws for an embrace that seemed had no end. 
And without add nothing, we have started to walk toward the apartment, just Woot has stopped us and he has given his knife to you: even you had a lump in the throat and you have just thanked him with a beckon of your head, and immediately he went away, looking at us fading in the yellowish building.”


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