“You was” – tale *41*

Holding me back to your chest, as if you wanted to proctect me from anybody, even from those creatures who were came just to thank me: you never had seen me so weak, and you thought that even the minimum effort it have would do get tired me more, but all those creatures were came to give me their respect, and i had to know each their short stories, and when everybody had finished to offer their thanks, i had tightened your hand, and i looked at Skull Cap, asking: “Where is she?”, and immediately he has understand to whom i was talking about.

And lifting his big face, he has noticed her who was giving her help to another group of small creatures.
 “I would like to speak with her” i said, settling myself better among your arms, and who was in front of us was remained astonish for what i said after.
“You don’t have to thank me, but her”.
Even you, hadn’t understand my words, and have shared  a glance with the big grey creature next to us, and i asked him if he could call her behalf me, and once again he has lifted the big face and just with a beckon of his great paw made her understand to approach to him.

She has looked at him, a bit scared, but she knew he have wouldn’t get hurt her, but we could understand her perfectly: Skull Cap was the biggest creature, and she was one of the smallest. Approaching to him made some effects to anyone, even to the bravest and biggest: him would been the biggest, but even the most harmless.

Even if she has been her to present him to us, she had always a bit fear of him. If he had wanted, he would have crush her easily, and when she has noticed him, she knew that maybe he had need something, and her she was there to give all the support to every creatures who had her need, in that dark alley.

She flewn faster possible, but when Skull Cap has put himself in front of her, she, almost fallen on the ground.
And when she got up, with her feeble voice, asked: “Do you have need something?”
Skull Cap, moving himself away gently, and he leaned forward, introducing me with a great gesture of his great paw.
“She has something very important to say you”, and i believed, that has been the very first time that we looked at each other straight into the eyes.

There were other few creatures around us, who was waiting for to thank me for what i had done for them, but they knew to wait for, and without any hurry, they settled themselves on the ground, and like you and Skull Cap, were attending to that slow approach with the small fairywitch who dressed a short green dress that was making standing out her wonderful red floating hair.

Thousands and thousand of thoughts superimposed themselves one on another, but just one was collecting them, and it was my thank to her: maybe without her, without me that i’ve pay attention to what she was doing, what i have done, it wouldn’t never happened, and at end i was been me to thank her.
She has looked at me astonished: she didn’t understand.

“Maybe i will be, even your Queen, but i have much to learn; i will have healed all these creatures, but without your little gesture, my FairyWitch would not came out”.
She was  looking at me with wide eyes, without know what she could replies, but at end she said:
“I’ve done what i could do”. 
“And look what you did!” i added smiling her, and she looked at herself around, and without realizing, she shyly smiling, looking at every small creatures who were, already up, who was getting back from where they were arrived.
“And for this reason i say, you don’t have to thank me, but you have to thank her” i said to the creatures who were remained on the ground. 

And slowly your arms have tightened me stronger to your chest, while some your sweet words were enter inside my soul.”


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