“You was still” – tale *40*

Tightening me among your arms, and you was sweetly call my name.

What had as soon done the FairyWitch had consumed all my energies, and just few after few minutes, i have opened the eyes, and i was listening your velvety voice that have woke me from that state in which i was fallen, and the very first thing i seen, were been your blue eyes, and uncoditionally i caressed your face, reaching your tiny neo, and immediately after, you have taken it kissing it.

After drunk something that has been brought to me from the fairywitch, i asked you: ” What’s happened?”, while you helping me to sat better, leaning me on your chest: you was  still breathless, and worry, and you wasn’t able to complete  a sentence. From your mouth came out only five letters, and those letters put together, was completing just a name: mine.

Who has came in your help has been the one eye blind creature who has started to speak.
“When we had begun to collected all the wounded, we could count on her”, and he indicated the little fairywitch with the reddish floating hair, and shyly, she making herself ahead, looking at her around, trying to hid herself.

“We knew, that her magical dust could heal every wounds, but little by little, her power was dicreasing, and her magical dust was no longer a healer dust. She passed each creatures, and when i say each, i mean each creature big and small, but when at a certain point she has fallen on ground, like you, me and Woot have take a decision: she have would only cured the smallest, and so, we have would put on, a major numbers of creatures, but with a great sorry, we have would loose the bigger. Maybe it has been your affection to Skull Cap, that has made out the FairyWitch Queen inside you. You fainted girl.”, and while the one eye blind creature was saying this, we looked at each other, and you have threw away the air from the lungs, and in a sigh you said: “She has healed everybody…and you was disappeared, and when she has gone you was here fainted. We weren’t able to wake you”, and you have made another big breathe.

We remained among those creature, as if, even us, were been victims of some wounds, but on the contrary we had no any, and together, we were attending to the magic of my FairyWitch: next to us we had the most great creature, and that magical golden dust was making her duty. 

She was leaning on each his wounds, and little by little, a small golden glimmer was expanding on his grey and hard skin, and when that pale light was fading, the wound was totally healed, and this was for every single big creature on which i had make fallen my golden magical dust, and just observing all that golden pale light, we both have realized how much energy she had spent, and that’s why i didn’t immediately woke. 

My FairyWitch hadn’t ever issued much golden dust all at once, and my body had feel her great energy flowing inside me like the biggest electric shock i had ever felt, but now among your arms, i could feel another kind of electric shock that it was giving me new energy, and my mind, my body were revitalizing, as each one, of those creatures, already up, to help the others still weakened, but they knew to do one thing very important, and with the help of the strongest, they got up, and who limping, who that was keeping himself the painful part, one by one, they were came in front of us, and each one, at their own way, they were kneeling themselves.

I looked at them, one by one, and among your arms i was feeling in the most safe place i could stay.
It was growing up a great lump in the throat, and it was choking me, when Skull Cap has whispered: “They came to thank you… without your dust they would be sure dead” at these words, your unconditional move, has been to tightened me more to your chest, and when i felt the hold make itself stronger, i have tightened your arms, more to my belly, and for an instant i closed the eyes.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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