Our connection

Begin slowly with the soft punch in the stomach, and your sweet embrace, and your words that are envelop my being, and i don’t know where i can look at, you taken me, and you turn me around, and our eyes meet, and slowly our breathe merging one in another, while my fingers starting to shake on this keyboard.

My head is about to explode, while i have difficulties to tap: i have to stop myself, hold back the breathe for then throw it away for don’t go crazy, and your closeness is making itself stronger.
I know, in my deep self, you want say me something, and you know i’m waiting for you.

Our connection is strong, and what i’m feel in these instants is something very delicate, and Ehwaz is telling me that everything is going how it has to go: slow, and it is that is goig our connection. 
In the slow way possible, but it is, even the most beautiful way.

I looking at you and everything is going slow, almost it stops, and when i feel your embrace around my body, and you beckon our slow dance, taking my hands putting them on your chest, i looking at you throwing away the air in my body, leaving you guide me.

Everything in silence.



Listen to it⇓⇓


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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