“For a last time” – tale *39*

We threw away the air from the lungs, and when i seen you close the eyes, i was understanding that you was metabolizing everything, and in your remembers you almost could feel that white long dress around your being, and if i had close the eyes too, maybe, i have would could see it too, and i have would could feel the sweet embrace of Him, but i left that moment exclusively for you, and slow i moved away, just looking at you. 
I knew, in your own way, you was giving him, not a definitely goodbye, but a simple: “See you!”

When you have opened again the eyes, i have could see in your gaze something that it could looks like to a major awareness to what i’ve told minutes earlier, and after a minute in which there were no need of words, we shyly smiled, thinking to the same thing, and without say nothing, you have taken my hand, and slowly we directed to the door, and we went out.

That morning, was the exact opposite than previous: a pale sun was starting to warming the humid concrete, and the several spots of  blood scattered on the ground, slowly were absorbing, bringing away, even part of that pain that the dead creatures had suffered fighting against those three beasties charged only of  uncontrollable desire to fight, and to don’t stop to hear what we had to say them. They had seen die his friend under their eyes, they had given all the guilt to us, and their bodies were changing without a valid reason, and all that fight has unleashed from all that put it together. Anger and incompresivity.

That chill silence that we had left few hours, was still in the air, but we have met some friendly gazes, and that it got warmth us, even has came to salute. 
To say us how the things were going, were the one eye blind creature, and Woot, who has started to show us how it was the situation. 

I was holding your hand, but didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying us, but who i was looking for was Skull Cap, who at end, i’ve noticed him still leaned on the yellowish wall of the building that was covered all the  lenght of the opposite brick wall of that dark alley.

I had a small jolt seeing that great creature, but weak at same instant. 
Without thinking much, i have left the hand that was tightening me, and i was came to him. 
He was still bleeding, and he was still in a state of shock: he was shaking yet.

When i approached to him, he didn’t have recognized me, and he has wide the eyes, and he looked for to moved himself away, but i was been able to don’t scare him more than usual, speaking to him with a soft voice, and i maked him remebember the very first time we have met. 

I wanted checked his wounds, and to understand from where he was bleeding.
I, even glimpsed the small fairywitch that in her own way has given support, and some of her magic was healing some of wounded creatures. 
I had seen that, with her magical dust was healing, and few minutes later the wounds were disappeared, but that she was using her magic only  on the small creatures, and she leaving the bigger, and the bigger were the most serious, and when she pass next to them, she was holding  back the breathe, and she passing to the smallest. 
She had to make some choices, and she knew that her magic wasn’t so powerful.

Despite i was the Queen of the FairyWitches, i had to learn much: but what i had seen, maybe it has been enough for me.
I was still holding the big paw of Skull Cap, but when the FairyWitch has came out from me, for a moment, it has been as if, i was fallen in trance, and my body has left the place to the floating creature, who has taken the flight, and in few seconds, without realize, she got bigger, and she has covered with her soft pale light all the dark alley, and while she was making move her soft and light veil over her golden arms, her golden dancing dust, was leaning on all small and big creatures, who was still waiting for to be cured.

And at end she has put herself in front of Skull Cap, and she looked at him, and she has simply smiled him, and on his big face those sense of dread has gone, while you has ran to me to assure yourself i was ok. 

And while i taken again the senses among your arms, a pale rainbow was being born behind the brick wall of that alley.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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