“The next day” – tale *38*

We woke ourselves, still among  our arms, and still one inside another, and maybe we had made one of the deepest sleeps in our lives.
When we have opened the eyes, we have thought the same thing, and at unison we have sighed:”HIM”.

After one last tight of mine of your desire, inside me, and one or two thrusts of you, and some moans of both, we got back to the reality with one of the most delicate kiss we given ourselves.

Without thinking much we both have put one some of your shirts, and i took off that dirty skirt i had on.
We have realized, already, on the landing of the mezzanine, that HIM was no longer in the apartment, and we looked at each other astonished.
You have taken me between your amrs, and you have run downstair, then you have turned round all the open space, but none track of HIM, it was like volatized.
You had wide eyes, and you wasn’t able to understand how it was happened.

I was next the sofa, with the hands on the armrest, and slowly an idea was taking place in mind, and maybe i had understand the reason, but you was still upheaveled that, even a simple explication, in those instants, it would be, even the most useless.

I held back the breathe for both of us, for then throw it away, immediately after.
After the umptheenth round you had made betwen those four walls, you have put yourself in front of me, and in a sighed: “Where is he went?”
For and endless moment in silence, we looked at each other, and delicately i stretched my hands toward your, and at my touch it seemed you got calm, and you have start to breathe again.

“Where is he…” you asked me with a tremble in your voice, and looking at me straight into the eyes.
In those seconds i wasn’t able to say nothing: a lump in throat was choking me, but you knew that i could give you the only and unique answer.
A small tear was getting wet my eyes, and it was fallen from the face, and it has fallen, just when i taken all the oxygen necessary to speak.

“When we have brought HIM here, when you have brought Him here, you have brought him, in the most placid place in which you have would brought him, and when have started to make love, we have conducted him in the most beautiful place in which Him now can rest”. 

You was looking at me, and now seemed you was putting in row those few sentences,  and they seemed to have a sense.
Him had given you the last embrace enveloping you with his white long dress, and you with our love, you had accompanied him to his last place where he have would rest for the eternity, peacefully. 

With our hands tight one in another, we have shared a sweet glance, and you seemed, was waiting for a small nod behalf me, and after all that anxiety slowly has gone away.

“Maybe it has been his last desire: we have seen him here so bliss, and maybe it so, that he wants that we remember him” i  said, and you have added, sweetly smiling: “Maybe one day, we both we could hear again his guttural sounds”.

And, so we held back the breathe, for throw it away, and little by little, we sat on the sofa, embracing each other, moving away the bad remembers that were turning around yet in our heads of that battle.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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