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When i wrote my latest tale that i feel your closeness making itself stronger each hour is pass by.
It never happened before, and i i had the need to stop do what i’m doing: in reality my head was, already exploding, thinking to what  i’m feeling in these hours. 

When i have finished to write, i was tempted to write something what i was feeling: my soft punch in stomach, your embrace, but above all our wonderful electric shocks, that are continuing still, and everything i’m feeling is uphevaling me.

Just to think to you that you are thinking to me a bit, is making me go crazy: what are your real thoughts about me?
Now, i just feel your sweet embrace that is enveloping me, that it is lasting from tonight. and it is thing that is making me throw away all the oxygen i have in the lungs.

It’s like the same sensation i have felt, when we, almost exceed that thin borderline, and we were touched us for few minutes, despite our distance.

Did you have feel the same: even now, our mind are connect in a strong way, and i could touch you.
It’s incredible what i’m feeling in these instants.
Tell me you are feeling the same: i’m shaking like a leaf.


Listen to it⇓⇓


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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