It’s been

Impossible to don’t think  to you all day. 
Our connection  has been, and it’s still present: all what i’m feeling in these hours, is simply marvellous.

You are around, and i can feel our hearts are beating at unison, and you are embracing my belly, as if you doesn’t want make me escape away. 
“Where do you want i go?” I’m sorrounded by the most greatest emotions that someone make me feel, and just here, with you, i want stay, and that someone is you.

Our soft punch in the stomach, and the sensation that our heads can explode at any time, are the signs that something bigger it wants unite us, and our connection is the only proof that everything it really exists. 

I’m feeling your enveloping embrace, and your sweet words are entering in my soul, and the only thing i can do is throw away the air from the lungs, and through your tiny neo, i can see Our World in which i would like to stay together with you.

In these hours, everything is turning round our connection and our feelings, and everything is magical. 
I’m thinking to you, and something is telling me that even you are think to me from yesterday night.
Our connection is growing always more.

Today is so.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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