“We” – tale *37*

Given ourselves those kisses, like it was the very first time we were trying that new sensations of that two lips that were touching themselves, and at each small glance, immediately after we started again.

What we were feeling, it was like the very first time, if that our bodies were merging one in another, and our minds got connected stronger than ever, and slowly the FairyWitch light was embracing us, and it made us feel like inside  the most powerful  light that she could issue.

Each time, you could, you was looked at me astonish, whispering my name, like if you wanted the certainty, that wasn’t a dream, and who you had in front was really real.
Your mouth ajar was waiting for again to taste mine, and i taken your face among my hands, and delicately i approached you to me, and that tongues game has restarted again wildly.

You was delicately laid on me, and you held my head between your hands, while you was moved it sweetly for give me better those endless kisses: me, i was started to moan, and when we looked at each other once again, i sweetly taken one of your hands, and have guided it till my belly: from there, you knew well what do.

That white skirt, by now, was no longer white, but it was along my legs.
When you have started to lifted it, very slow, your glance didn’t wanted take off from mine: we both knew, what you have would found, and what i would have feel in the exact instant your hand have would found what it was looking for, and you wanted see that precise instant in which your finger have would soft touched that little intimate part of me.
You wanted see what my deep self have would say to you, when your finger would be get wet by my great desire of you.

And that approach has been slow, and one of the sexiest. 
At each seconds, our little breathes got increase, and in those instant, in our glances, it was developing an unique universe. And when your finger has reached it, i have hold it inside me. 

In those instants we looked at each other, and a silence deeper, has fallen among us, and when you have started to move your finger inside me, from slow to faster, we could feel a slow liquid sound resounding in our hears, and our moans  were merging one in another, and it has got excited us much more, and when i touched you among your legs, just there, i sighed: “I want you!”, and our moans increased, and with few moves, we became two souls in one only body, and while your thrusts became always roughest and wild, our lips and tongues didn’t stopped to play among them.

And just when i was about to reach the peak of the orgasm, i whispered in your ear: “Faster…” and you have taken my hands, crossing our fingers, putting them over my head, and you have stared at me straight into my eyes: you have would understand when it would have begun, but in those instants you reached me.

In those after instants, each of us, were looking at the pleasure of the other straight into the eyes.
My contractions were holding you inside me, and you was look at me, feeling you  expanded yourself inside my body.

After flewn together, in the mind of the other, we stared at each other, and for another couple of seconds we remained in silence, while the warmth was still heating our bodies, one inside another yet, and everything was got slow down: even our hearts.

Our glances were didn’t wanted take off from one another: it seemed that our lives depended from this.
Slowly i left my mouth ajar, and you approached to caress my lips with your, and once again our tongues meet in a sweet kiss. 

That kiss was been the last thing we given ourselves, before to sleep.
We fallen asleep one inside another: and it was what we wanted.

We were two souls in unique body.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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