“We left” – tale *36*

That battlefield in total silence, while in background a slow buzz was underline the delicate work that the one eye blind creature was directing, giving some orders to the others creature to collect their fallen, and to put them in a place where, later, they would be buried. 

That neighborhood, seemed no longer the same. It was breathing a cold atmosphere, it was missing something: that silence was chilling whoever noticed that particular, and that tiny particular, that was missing to everybody were those guttural sounds of your creature, and now that you had explain what they were, those guttural sounds were missing much more. His joy of living was an empty hard to fill, after that bloody fight.
A fight without reason, and many were fallen for nothing, and that deafening silence, was covering the neighborhood, like a cold blanket.

Thin rain was falling, and it was cleaning the concrete from slime, from blood of differents wounded creatures, and slowly it was falling on the fire that was been turned on, and it was create a thin soft smoke, that little by little was created a foggie atmosphere around the few creatures who, seemed walking with no destination.

At the begin of that dark  alley, next to Skull Cap, was Woot and the one eye blind creature, and were staring us who with a slow walk, we directing ourselves toward the yellowish and brownish building, where was our apartment.

From behind you seemed a ghost, with the white long dress of your creature that fluttered among your legs, and it surrounded your being, like it was the very last embrace that Him, wanted give to you. 
It was a short walk, but in our heads seemed the longest we had done together: we haven’t say nothing, and as soon, i have opened the door of the apartment, a shiver crossed our back, and always in that silence that had obscured our souls, you have laid Him on the sofa, and for several seconds, we have looked at him: seemed he was sleeping blissfully, and in his eyes, we could see something that sounded like a quite soul, and we knew that it was like this.
Him knew, that you would not left him alone, and for what you could do, you would have take him in a place where he would could rest for the eternity, feeling all your love around.

I knew, what you was thinking, and i was remained next to you tightening your hips, but then in a slow and soft whisper i said:” Come on, let’s go up”, and slowly you have looked at me, you have smiled, and at end you have nodded, tightening the hand you had in your.
The only thing that was hearing to in the apartment, were our breathes that sweetly were merging one in another.
And, even that short walk toward the stairs, seemed one of the longest. 

The legs were heavy, and to reaching the mezanine, seemed almost like to climb the highest of the mountains.
I have accompanied to bed, and you laid on it. I have caressd your face, and then i said: “Back soon”. 
I went in bathroom, and i taken the medi kit.

Some blood had got dirty your face, and some small wounds had to be cured.
I got back with a small bowl of warm water and some small towels, and without say nothing, i have started to clean you, and you have left me do.
We didn’t have talk: there was no need, but we have done it through our glances, that were stare straight one inside another. 

I cleaned you from the blood that you had on, then i passed to cure the wounds, on your arms and hands.
They were small, but when i pass the disinfectant on them, your face was change expression, and you have had some small jolts, but you ever haven’t retired the arm, and our gazes were, always meet themselves.
That silent has continued, even when i finished to put you some small bandages on some bigger wounds.

But when i nodded, you have taken the bowl that i had put among us, and you have moved it away, and slowly you approached to me, and when our lips are touched, you have started to caress mine with yours, and we have continued till our bodies were one above another.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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