Your embrace has been stronger than usual, and you have woke me whispering my name.

Your sweet lips have touched mine, and just now i realized how much i miss them.
Your eyes straight into mine, are the most powerful magic you can do, and i can feel your breath surrounding me.

What i see in your eyes?? 
All Our Parallel World, and your tiny neo, our souls.
I felt your sweet embrace, and i’m feeling it yet tightening me sweetly my belly, and my head is exploding in the soft punch in the stomach.

I looking inside your eyes, and i feel your emotion for me. 
In these days our electric shoks were delicate, but always present, also now, some are cross our minds, and in those eyes, i can see all our connection we have, without explain nothing else. 

I, only would like to touch your tiny neo, and stare you in silence, and feeling our breathes merge one in another, like we doing in this instant: it would be enough for me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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