“You was” – tale *35*

Still holding in your arms that creature, and you was still talking to him, while those eyes were open and they looking straight into your, but we both knew that his soul, whatever it was, it had left that body

You knew in that dimension, in which we were found ourselves, he had taken to live, and he was discovering some new things, and you knew well, that his behaviour so weird, was his manifestation of joy, and even if,  nobody didn’t understand what he was say, you knew him well.

“It was his way to escape from everything was bad” you have said.
“That’s why i invented him: sometimes i was hid myself in bedroom, and i looked at him inside my imagination, and when nobody didn’t understand me, i was rescue talking with him… and his guttural sounds, were the only sounds that, in his own way, were calm me”.
I was stand still behind you, don’t saying anything. Your words had moved me, and i had the heart that was about to splash out from the chest.

I knew that you had lost, maybe the most important friend of your childhood, and to him you had confessed every your secrets, and one part of you was dead with that creature, and in those instants, maybe not even me, could filling that loss, not even with the magical light of my FairyWitch could do nothing.
What i could do was stay next to you, listening to you, and sharing that loss in silence.

Slowly, i settled myself  on the ground, and for the first time, after the fight, our eyes met, without the dread inside, and gently i touched your hand that was caressing the bald head of that creature.
“I didn’t gave him neither a name: for me he was just HIM, and enough”.
I was holding by the force the tears, but my eyes were wet, and some tear was streaking my face: i was realized that when they has reached my lips, and right after i dry them with a quick gesture of the hand.

We were in the middle of that chaos of wounded creatures who bleeding, and they were receiving helps from the others able to give them some comfort, and we were looking at the dead creatures on the ground, who were taken from the strongest, to clean the battlefield, and make it again that neighborhood that we knew.
Useless weapons of any kind, were scattered on the ground, and the last flame of that fire next the wire mesh, was turning off.

Next to you there was still the long blade knife that you had used to revenge your creature. 
For a minute, that seemed had no end, you have stared it: on the blade was still that green slime, and in those few instants, before to taken it again in hand, you have relived that moment you have sunk it, and for the last time a tear has fallen from your face, but immediately after you have looked at me, and you got up, and with your creature in your arms, you directed toward the one eye blind creature, and with all the sacrality of that moment, you have said: “They are dead like  warriors now has to rest as such.” and saying that sentence you have looked at the bald creature that you had among your arms.

From a close range i have attended to that scene, and after have seeing who you had between your arms, the one eye blind creature has approched to you, and he said : “Without him we would been caught off guard: more than others him has to rest like a great warrior. I will organize something to collect every our fallen. Leave your friend even here: we will take care of him” he said, but you was uncertain on what to do, and i could understand, and slowly i approached to you, and with a soft caress on your shoulder, i simply said: “Him come with us”, and  you looked at me straight into my eyes.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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