Here you are

Again smiling, and i’m shaking like a leaf, because i’m sure that in some way you have read that pm that i sent you.

I’m throwing the air from the lungs, and in these instants i can feel your embrace, and you eyes straight into mine, and that sweet smile, i know, i feeling it was directed  to me.

I love you, and each day is pass, our connection is get bigger.
I’m feeling you closer than ever in these instants, and i’m start to shake inside: my fingers are the only things that making you see how big my emotion is.
I stare your neo, and there i see Our Parallel World.

Delicately you are taking me to there, and i whisper you: “Let’s stay here forever”.
While you are embracing me, and our electric shocks crossing our minds
We feeling ourselves strongly bonded: it’s so.  
We stay together, despite our distance.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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