“They” – tale *34*

Thrown themselves on us, with a anger inside that seemed they waiting for that reason to fight.
They haven’t faced up who had in front. It seemed that they wanted faced directly me, because in someways, they knew, that i was the main reason of the death of their friend, who slowly was still liquefying, and the rain was taking him away. 

On the ground the body was slowly vanishing, leaving only the clothes where he has fallen screaming of pain.
The one eye blind creature had unleashed a hard stroke, with his wooden sword, and both our enemies fallen, but they got up immediately after, and seemed that stroke hadn’t got hurt them mininally.
Just few green blood came out from a wound on a face of those creatures. 

They were decided to approach to me, while you pulling me backward almost screaming: “Come on… let’s go!”
Every creatures in that group in my defense, was spreaded a bit of terror.
They were two against a group of several measures and size, but what which was give them the strenght to goes on was their total confusion and their repressed anger against a world that they hadn’t still understand, even when they were simply human beings, and that world they didnt’t had understand it since when they were became thos strange creatures even.

They thrown on that group wounding someone, who hasn’t had the time not even to lift up their weapons, and in their fury, they have pulled out other weapons hided in their jacket on in the boots, and with those new weapons in hands, were most dangerous.
Some heads were cut by a sort of axe, and little by little the number of that group, that at begin, could seemed numerous, was decreasing.

The only creature capable to upheavel those two barbarians was Skull Cap, but even him has been wounded, and from his hard skin was came out blood, grey blood. 
But even if, he was wounded has continued to defend all the others, but just when was been wounded once again to the enormous paws, he had to give up, and leave the hold, not before to have threw them away in the air, screaming for the pain.

But they didn’t have give up: they wanted their justice, and they got back running, while the one eye blind creature, and Woot were waiting for them at guard to the first row of defense, holding them, leaving the group to settle on the second attack.

You was next to me, with a long blade knife in hands. 
By now the others creatures were stand still, and could be counted on a hands, but they seemed, even the hardest to defeat, and the last hard stroke that Skull Cap had inflected on our enemies, it could see on their slimy skin that was bleeding  from some wounds that they had on several parts of their bodies.

They knew, they had to exceed Skull Cap, to enter in the heart of the group, and for them it has been easier, now that Skull Cap was out of the game.
They  shoved, wounding someone at guard of me, but at end the were arrived where they wanted arrived, and you was the only one at my defence bradishing your long knife, but just when another creature has been mortally wounded, you have wide the eyes, and in a sigh dead in throat, you have said: “No!”, and you have starting to fight against who had wounded that innocent bald creature who was agite his hands issuing guttural sound. 

And just after few second, i’ve realized that it was your creature, and he was on the ground looking at you with those big eyes, and you was sinking the blade to his killer.
Just seen this, my human form has left place to the FairyWitch, and slowly she has lifted up over  who were still fighting with the only survivor, and her light, has given new strenght to the creatures, for give the lastest coup de grace, to the, already bleeding creature. 

He was fallen on the ground, already deforming himself, and slowly his slimy blood was absorbed by the concrete, while his clothes were trampled by the survivors of that bloody fight.
While i got back human, you was on the ground with that bald creature among your arms.
You was whispering him some kind words, but you knew, he was already dead. 
You have lifted your face.
We looked at each other, while one tears was falling from your face.”



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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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