Our connection is begun and i close the eyes, throwing the air from the lungs: i can feel your arms around my belly, and you delicately, turning me around, and our glances meet.
You are caress my face, and i take your hand. 

Delicately you are approach to me till our head touch themselves, and in a sigh you say:  “I know your novel… it’s Our Parallel World”.

You pulling me toward me more to you, and my heart begin to beat hard: your lips are approach to mine, and that kiss is make me go crazy, and at end you whisper : “Take me there with your fantasy”.

I feel your embrace become stronger, and our electric shock are starting to cross our minds, and you continue to sigh sweet words.
While we stand one in front another, and our slow dance begin: our hands along our bodies, and the fingers are tightening delicately.

Slowly i’m starting to shake, but you are tightening me, and your: “I’m here” fill my heart, and i feel your lips caressing, once again, mine, and then those three words are fly in the air, and they entering in my soul. 

I looking at you deeply straight into the eyes, and in a thread of voice i repeat them, but you put your finger on my mouth, and you approach to me and those lips meet themselves again.
You are tightening me strong among your arms.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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