“Everybody” – tale *33*

Were attending to that slow approach of Woot toward the creatures who once were human beings, and maybe the only friends of him, but that now, in those instants, were became the worstest enemies he had in front.

Among the creatures, has fallen a deadly silent, a silence that was scaring, and at each noise out, of that situation, was trigger the nerves to everybody.

I held tight the hands that were tightening me from behind, and i could hear your feeble voice that was saying : “Breathe with me”.
You could feel my breathe getting short at each heart beat, and from behind, you was the only support point i had, and maybe in those instants, i really needed to trasnformed me in my FairyWitch, but what which we had around was her light, as a protection shield, and in our own way, we knew that it was the most powerful, and the only way to proctect ourselves.

I was the only next to Skull Cap, while you and the others were behind, while Woot was approach always more to that group of creatures still with jackets and leather pants, but snatched.

From the long sleeves were coming out slimy hands leaving behind a greenish slime, and by now, their black clothes, were covered of it, and their eyes were almost out of their eyes sockets. 
Their sentences were almost incomprehensible, but only Woot was able to understand what they were saying.

But at end, the time for the words was over, and they pulled out their only weapons: three knives with the blades well afilliated.
We have understand it, because one of them take from the ground a empty can, and with a such simplicity, he cutted it in half for make us see that they weren’t there to play, and that they wanted serious explanations, but we knew that there weren’t, and this got scared us much.
Behind Skull Cap was lifted a buzz, and the one eye blind creature came closer to me, he looking at the scene in front of him, waiting for a sign to attack, but he had to wait for yet.

Woot was still in in the middle of the street, and was trying to get calm his friends, who were starting to brandish their knives, and their screams resounding in all the neighborhood, getting scare all of us, above all the creature who had warned everybody.

But when their screams were merged with a thunder the one eye blind creature, has makes his first move alone, and despite his heavy furry coat, he was such quick to reach Woot in a second who was looking for to explain them, everything: but he knew, there was nothing to explain, but he just  trying to convince to accept the whole matter, but it seems that, more the time was passing, more the change, for one of his friends, seemed more painful, and only in those instants. he has seen the transformation of one of his friend, becoming a slow death, and his painful screams, was accompanying him in his own hell: his scheletric body was liquefying in that greenish slime, and in his eyes we could see his terror, and while his body little by little was become a brownish spot on the ground, the rain was starting to fall heavily.

When on the ground there were remained only those eyes in which there was still the shadow of the fear, the fury of the others two, has been powered by the anger, the hate, and immediately after, they thrown themselves on us.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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