This morning

Sweetly you woke me, enveloping your arms around my belly, and i was feel your closeness make stronger than ever.

My was head explode, and i could feel your hands caressing my naked skin uder the pajama shirt.

And now our minds are connect. 
Small electric shocks crossing each other, and the only thing i can do is leave the mouth ajar. because i know you want to kiss me, and i’m waiting for your lips. 

I feel your hands tightining strong my hips, and i throwing the air from the lungs, and i shyly smiling thinking to everything is happened in these hours, and just looking at that flap of  your white shirt, it makes go crazy, and everything what is happening, in his own way, it making us feel always closer, and at end, without realize it will comes the day that we will could see  us straight into our eyes, whispering: “It had to be happened, and it has happened”, and slowly we will approach one to another, and you will whisper me “Here you are, i waited for you for long time”, and without add anything else, i will caress your face reaching you tiny neo, and you then, you will taken my hand and you will kiss it, like a knight does with her princess, and i will look at you breathless.

We, only are waiting for this moment.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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