“The creature” – tale *32*

Was agiting alwyas more approaching himself to the fire. From his guttural grunts, it was undertand, his worry, and his big eyes seemed splashing out from the eye sockets.

Everybody around the fire got up, and who with his own  weapon, and who with invented weapon, were approaching at the begin of that dark alley, that till now has been a good hiding place.
The first to give a quick glimpse outside from that alley, was been Skull Cup, who with his big size was making from an enormous shield to everybody behind ready to launch a first attack.

Woot was next to Skull Cap, was seeing that one, that once was his group, and for the very first time was seeing what were able to do. Heavy actions like those: just for the pleasure to do them, and in his own way, he was feeling himself in guilty.

He stopped, after his change: after what which he was became, before our meeting, he had thought that was a sort of punishment, and he was hid himself next to that garbage bin. 
When he had felt that something was changing in his body, he had left the group running away, and he had left his group without their leader, and he knew that he have would left that group in a total chaos: if it was happened to him, it would be happened, even to them, but in the worstest way, and in fact it has been like this.

I was in the middle of that group: i was dived in each one of the thoughts of those creatures, but i could hear perfectly his sorry of wasn’t been that leader that he thought to be.

Delicately i have left your hand, while your astonish glance was looking at me, whispering my name, just one second before our fingers were left themselves, i tightened your hand, but then i made me space among those scared creatures to reaching Woot and Skull Cap.

I remained for a minute in silence next to Woot, looking at the situation we had in front. 
He didn’t knew the real reason because i was came to the lead of the group: he believed, that i wanted see and check that everything was ok, when the members of his forsaken group, had would decide to attack, vandalizing everything they have would meeting.
“If i know them well, leaving me to facing up them first: i will looking for to make them understand what has happened, but you get prepare yourself for any evenience”.  

I wanted say him what i wanted say him when i was among your arms, in the middle of the others, but in those his words, i had felt his strenght will to remedy to that mistake he had done, my throat was closed all in a sudden, and i wasn’t able to pronounce nothing: i nodded, looking backward in search for you.
And, as if you had felt me, already, you was few steps behind, and slowly your arms has enveloped my belly. 
In that instant, i have close the eyes, and i leaned  my back on your chest.

But that instant has lasted really few seconds: noises of broken glasses, and screams really scary, were filling the neighborhood, and for the very first tim we have seen that small group of three human being became some of the wildest, and brutal creatures that we had ever met.

They stopped in front of us, with switchblade knives in a hand, and batons in other. 
When they noticed Woot, their glance of challenge was become more evil and threatening.
When Woot made the first steps toward the group, we everybody held back the breathe.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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