More i think

Of it, more i convince myself that it is so.
Everything is match with the time, and more i think of it more i have to throw the air from the lungs, and what i’m feeling inside, it isn’t only the soft punch in the stomach, and aren’t only our electric shocks crossing our minds, it’s just something that slowly get bigger around us, and we know what is.

Our Parallel World is becoming a reality always more tangible inside our souls, and our hearts are beating strong, each time we feel get connect, despite, you are resting, something magical is uniting us more in these instants: we can feel it inside our souls, and it is bonding us, always more.

I need to throw the air from the lungs, everything make me go crazy, but it’s a craziness that make me feel good, and above all alive.

If i think of it, again, and everything match, i close the eyes, and i can feel your delicate embrace, and your sweet whispers, that are confessing me everything
Everything is like  i figured.

Everything is incredibly magical. 
You, me and Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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