“Around that” tale *31*

Fire was fallen a silence of a total respect between us, and that small group, above all with the one eye blind creature, and despite we were  in a modern city, with all the comfort imaginable, we were feeling that it was there we had to stay: around the primordial light: it was there, silently, we were signing a deal among that group and her Queen, and the glances between him and you were intenses. 

Without speak, you were tightening one of the most important deal that a human and a creature could have do. 

I was next to you, and i was examing each small changing of your gaze.
We were close to the fire, and his light was outlining some particulars of the one eyes blind creature.
His face had some scars under the long beard: i’ve noticed them, only when the fire was dancing nervously, and it was cutting his well delinated, and mighty face.
He have to be a great warrior, his hands were tightening a big cane, and looking at it, only one thought has came in my mind: it had to be, even a sort of sword: the several signs, denouncing many battles, and he was tightening it with very pride.
On top of that kind of  wooden sword, there was a a big a rough crystal that was issuing a pale pink and purple light, and when the fire light was hit it, was bliding.

While he was telling us him what he have would do in those next hours, i was still examing who had challenged Woot, you, and my FairyWitch Queen.
He wore a big furry coat, long till on the ground, and it covered him even the head, and the fur of it was merging with his beard, it seemed being part of the creature itself.

There was a continuos buzz, and what the one blind eye creature, seemed still more, convince the others, even Skull Cap, with his grunts was in deal on what he was hearing, and even you, paid attention on his words, and occasionally, you was suggest something or was adjusting some staggering point of the plan, that you believed be dangerous.

In that alley, even in the day, wasn’t made never hot, and when that evening, we are came out, the breeze was enough cold, and stay next to the fire, was a beautiful sensation. his own warmth, was enter in the bones: almost we have felt the necessity to lift the sleeves of our shirts, but when the one eye blind creature took off his coat, a shiver has cross along our back, and all warmth that we had accumulated, has gone away all in fell swoop, and we remained breathless to stare what he hiding below the cap of his long furry coat.

Two big white ram horns, that were falling on his  the shoulders: he was looked at us without say nothing, however, he knew, that he had left us astonished. 
My instinct has been to tight the hand that i was holding, more, and you have gave me a quick glance, shyly smiling, embracing me.

My heart was beating strong in those instants, and it stopped for a long minute, when the creature of your imagination with his hands in air and his guttural sounds, has came toward the fire, making us understand that it was time to act.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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