“Then” – tale *30*

At the same instants we have threw away the air from the lungs: stay in front of that group of creatures, i belived has been one of the hardest proofs of  our lives, even if i was the Queen of the most powerful creatures who were around in that neighborhood.

I knew, that evereybody was waiting for that i was speak, but something inside, was blocking me, and without making me notice to the others, slowly i leaned myself  against your body, in search for of any kind of support.

Nobody had the doubt that behind my human form, hid itself the real FairyWitch Queen, in someways or in another, they had seen her, and they knew that queen was me.
That silence was lasting too much, and tightening me more to you, you have broke it, pronoucing only simply words that have would understand, even the obtusest among the creatures.

You have tightened my hand more, and have took courage to speak, and what you was saying it would have enchanted anyone.
“Yes, that’s true what Woot has said: that’s been her. I witnessed to her speech: after his changed, she spoke to him. She has got calmed him saying the same sentences that Woot has said you. If he was scared, the others are scared more, and we have to stop them at any cost. What she said him has conviced him to fight against his own group, and it’s not a craziness, we don’t know what they could do, already they were bad in human form, now they will be more confuse, and we know what the fear takes to: other dread, and what we gain if we add scare to fear? Nothing good”.

It seeemed that you was speaking only to the creature who had challenged Woot, and in your own way, it was so but your words had hit a large part of that group that had settled in that plot of land, but that challenge gaze of that creature, seemed don’t leave it from his deformed face with a total blind eye covered by a bristly beard.

I was looking at that gaze’ challenge, and i was tightening more your hand.
Seemed that creature wanted more reasons to join that case, and approached him to you, almost touching your face, in a sigh he asked: “Who the fuck are you?” 

I looked at Skull Cap with wide eyes, asking support, and in his greatness, he placed himself behind us as a shield ready to react. 
But which it has impressed me, it has been your total tranquillity, in front of that big creature. 
And after a second that seemed lasting an eternity, you have replied. 

“I’m the guy who has fallen in love with this wonderful girl, and i made came out her real nature, the real nature of a Queen, your Queen”, and saying that last sentence, you have looked at me, tightening me more to you, and for a long moment the FairyWitch halo has become stronger, and her light is entered in everybody, as if in that pale beam of light there were some of  additional sentences to convice those  few still uncertain creatures. 

And little by little we were attending to a radical change in the face of the creature with one blind eye.
From the hard glance it was changing in to a gaze more softened, and slowly he moved away from you, and got back in the middle of that group, and now, even seemed, beckoning a grin of acception.

It seemed that, first of all we have to convince him, first to continue, and we had made it together, and without realizing, we settled on the ground, while other creature were getting prepare a small fire to heat that part of  the dark alley.

Turned on it, there was a quick glance between everybody, and another from the one eye blind creature toward you.”


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