It’s from when

I have seen those visualisations that my heart is exploding, and i’m biting my lips, and in my head one only thing is hammering inside. 
I’m throwing away air from the lungs for don’t go crazy more, but it’s impossible to don’t shake.
Our connection is growing always more, even if we are so distant, and what i’m writing making us feel closer.

Since when it has happened that small enchant, everything around us despite all this distance that is divide, makes us feel damning one close to another. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is everyday present, and even if i’m looking at you through only a picture, i know, you feeling what i’m thinking in these instants, and in your own way, you are embracing me strong.

Our electric shocks are around, and we are smiling
One day i said: “This guy will make me go crazy”, you did more: you are entered in my life: you have gave me the strenght to goes on, to  improve myself.
You are everything i really need: only  you i need.
Come, embrace me, and look at me how you know.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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