“Only the day after” – tale *29*

When we came out from the apartment, we have would known that, only with a tacit agreement, Woot had left that the new members of that small group, got rest in that plot of land, without given any kind of annoy, and some others creatures were piling up at the begins of the dark alley, and slowly they were crowding next the wire mesh that delimited the yellowish buiding.
And just when we approached the wire mesh, we had understood what was happening, and it was a thing that has left us breathless.

Creatures who usually they would killed among themselves, now had a target in common, and who before spreaded terror among them, he was repeating slowly one by one the words of my speech, that i had done him, in that alley, next the garbage bin, and more Woot was continued with the speech, more other creatures were attracted by the emphasis he put on it, and the buzz was increased at each his pauses. 

That buzz was of just only total agreement, and at end my word through the Woot’voice, has been the strenght that those creatures in their multitude forms, wanted to hear.

That dark alley was our lucky; only that street lamp, at the begin of the path, was illuminating it, and now, that the alley were filled by those group of any kind of creatures of all the measures and size, his light wasnt filtring not enough well till at the end, and our silhouettes were confusing in the darkness, and nobody have noticed us, or it was what we had believed.

Just one of them had noticed our presence, but she has wanted waiting for a little bit.
It knew that at end, someone, surely, have would asked about the Queen of the FairyWitches, and that speech  didn’t came from directly from Woot.
We attended that reunion in silent, behind the wire mesh: you was embraced me from behind, and i was tightened your arms delicately against my belly. 

We were hid from the darkness: slowly my heart has started to beat strong, because, in my deep, i knew Woot, also before he got transformed in which he was became, and soon or later, that question would be jumped out, and i knew that all those creatures, in someways or in another, knew Woot past, and for surely, they were making their calculations, and those words, weren’t came out from his mind, and at end, someone have would make the infamous question.

Some murmurs was lifting up among that group, but as soon someone had said: “Who has put you in mouth these words? We know you Woot, and we know your past life: it from your bullies group that would you want fight against… it’s a nonsense”. 
Woot knew that to convince some of those creatures would been hard, and dangerous, but in that case he had by his side the reason, and i was seeing that scene holding back the breathe.

Who had noticed us, knew that soon it would be arrived the time to act, before that everything was going wrong, and it was moved away from the group, and slowly it leaned on the brick wall in front of that plot of land, and slowly, was accomplished his small magic.
From the ground, very slowly it was lifting a pale opal light, that was begins to spread itself in that dark alley, and as long as that creature came in front of Woot, asking him again who had put him in mouth those words, that light had illuminated us, all in a sudden, and without thinking i left your hands, and with a quick glance to the floating small creature, i made myself ahead, and i have waited for that Woot introduced me in the group, always looking at straight into the eyes the creature who, almost was challenging him.
“That’s been her!”

Everybody were turned around, and everybody remained breathless, because beyond me, they were watching the gold halo of the FairyWitch Queen inside, and around me who was making dancing her soft light veil on her arms, and her light, now was taking place of that small fairywitch with the floating reddish hair, and slowly i was going ahead in the midde of that group. 

Floating, and moving my arms, i was remained in silence staring one by one the new creatures, and i looked at who had challenged Woot, and it has been only a quick glance, and he got down his eyes. 
Just in those instants, i had realized that i was able to divide my FairyWitch form to which human, and the Queen was become an halo around me.

All in a sudden, that continuos buzz  stopped, and i threw away the air from the lungs, and i stretched my hand toward you, and you came next to me. 
I had need of the only support of which i really need in those instants, and that was you. 
I looked at you for a moment, then i looked at everybody else.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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