“Just after” – tale *28*

Caressed your face and your tiny neo, i have could closed the eyes for a second, while you was staring at me yet with the head leaned on your palm, and the other was delicately touching my naked body, with the skirt still lifted till the hips.

I was still feeling inside me the orgasm that slowly was fading, and you was seeing all those small experssions on my face that were changing, then i have opened again the eyes, and our gazes met again, we dived each other inside the soul of the other.

You seemed astonished for who you had in front: you was trying to speak, but none sounds was came out from your mouth.
You had the mouth ajar: i knew that you wanted say me something, but i put one finger on your mouth, and in a sigh, i said: “You haven’t need to say nothing… what we wanted say us we as soon, did it”.
But, you approached to me, and you have kissed delicately my lips, as if that kiss had give you new oxygen, and at end, as if it was a priority, you said: “You are marvellous” and you held back the breathe, as if you waiting for a my phrase, but i didn’t said nothing: i just looked at you straight into the eyes, and i dived myself into your chest, and in that gesture you have found the real meaning of my silence, which milion and milion of words wouldn’t have never found.

Slowly, embracing me, you have threw away delicately the oxygen you had in the lungs, and maybe, in those instants you had understood, to have between your arms, not only the Queen of the FairyWitches, but even, the most spectacular girl that you ever had met, and it seemed very far that day you stopped in front of that bench, where you had listened to an your remebember from a unknown girl.

Your heart was going crazy, while my hands were making me a natural pillow on your soft skin, and slowly those sensations making place to new ones.
We both knew that we weren’t able to sleep, and despite i wasn’t looking at you, you was speaking in low voice, and now that was that you was telling me which were your first emotions, when you sat next to me on that bench, while i was make you understand that i was listening to you, caressing your chest, and just at end i lifted the face, and i looked at you. 

For an endless second, we remained like this: the emotions has close our throat, and the only things we could talk with, were the eyes.
My FairyWitch light was slowly increase, and that pale turquoise light mixed with the purple, delicately has enveloped us, while the thin gold dust was lifting, and sweetly it was leaning on our naked bodies, and just when a bit of the gold floating dust, has leaned on your palm, we looked at each other, and our glances were become a bit more serious.

We had to went down from that pedestal where we had enjoyed of our pleasure, to get back into that reality made of  fantastic creatures, and to solve a problem that was making fear to every inhabitants of that quite neighborhood.

Only after a sweet: “Let’s try to sleep” i threw away the air from the lungs, and you have  covered me with the bed sheets, embracing me sweetly among your arms.
Your heart got calm, and it was craddling me.
I have closed the eyes whispering your name, in reply you have sighed mine tightening me to you.”


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