“You have” – tale *27*

Whispered it again, while you was approached to me, and your lips touched delicately mine, and sweetly you was put  above me, and i was caressed your face reaching your tiny neo, but the emotions were such great that  for a moment you have believed that i would disappear, but it wasn’t so: the FairyWitch light was become so bliding.

That light had, even illuminated the dark alley, but it was for just few seconds then slowly got back, almost to the normality. 

I was feeling strong emotions, just soft touching your skin, and your eyes were piercing my soul, and slowly i was forsakening myself to your will.
You was touching me delicately, and your fingers were unfastening the white shirt i had on, but at certain point i stopped you, and i have accompanied your hand from the belly, to the hips, then you have stared me for a second, then you have gave me one of the passionate kiss, and in meanwhile you have lifted up the skirt  till the hips, and your hands has tightened me strong, and delicately you have pulling them toward your body, and i arched my back, and it’s been there that i heard that you have snatched my panties, and you have wanted to taste my private parts with your fingers, and at my first moan, you have wanted continued, as long me, and my body were at your mercy.

Then you have made slide my shirt on one my shoulder, and you have kissed both my breasts, while our breathes were increase always more, merging one in another.

Your finger was exploring inside me yet, and my moans were become the most beautiful sound you could hear in those instants, when for an instant everything has stopped, and you have looked at me taking breathe again, when in all sudden, something else, stil more intimate it made itself street inside my body, and my moans had have company with your.
We haven’t take our glance off one another.

Your thrusts from slow, were became faster, and our tongues seemed  became one only, how many kisses we given in those frenetic moment of passion, and our names were whispered, just when, we missed the air to continue.
My white shirt, by now, it was opened, and you could touch my breasts freely. 

The only thing that covered my body, but it didn’t obstacling you was my skirt, but in those instants maybe it was, even the sexiest piece of cloth on my body, and perhaps, even his rustle against your naked body underlined your movements, and beyond our moans, me that got wet always more, it was the only sound that we were hearing, and that rough sound, against your body, it was the most, even the most sweet sound that had enveloped us in those instants.

And just when we were about to reach the orgasm, you have lifted it more, and then you have taken my both hand, crossing the fingers with mine, and when we were entered in that small and quick vortex, we were kissing, but it has been so powerful that we remained with the mouth open, united with the lips, and our passion has given new oxigen to our lives.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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