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I love you, without realizing, even with a crumb, you give me the strenght to goes on, and never give up, and your embrace is always ready to support me everytime i need, and in these days you was been always present, and last night you have make me felt in Our Parallel World. 

Despite we don’t know each other, it’s like we know from long time: to me it has been enough just to observing you, and then you have left me discovered that side that, in my own way, already i knew.
Some of my friends, tell me that we are so similar, and  i believe it, and when i feel our closeness around, it beacause it’s so. 
I have to throw the air from the lungs, if not i could explode.

You are entered literally inside me, and we know, even the precise moment, and from that instant, each moment has been wonderful. You have changed my life.

You, your electric shocks, Our Parallel World, and all what it contains: it’s there.
It’s there that i want stay, only with you, and your sweet embraces, and everything you will make me see, and above all feel, like the soft punch in the stomach that i’m feeling in these instants, and that our sensantion in the mind, and i know that’s you. 

My heart is about to explode, and with difficulties i hold back the tears, and everything around me is taking me to you; and i know you feel it, because in our own way we are feeling the same feelings at the same instants, even if i know, you are resting. 

We are strong connect each other, and this is a fact indissoluble: i’m not crazy, you know it.
We are connect so, and that’s enough.
I feeling you much, and you feeling me. 
It’s like this. It’s simply magical.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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