“We don’t wanted” – tale *26*

Left our new friends outside, but in some ways, we knew that, they have would made it, above all Skull Cap, and without add nothing else, we have crossed the rusty gate and we entered in the yellowish building, while the little fairywitch was moving his thin arms in her dance, and Skull Cap was looking at us, with those big wide eyes, and was saluting with his big paws and his enormous grunts.

Closing the gate behind our shoulders and entered in the apartment, you remained for a while to stare at me, and in that glance i could see all your astonishment, then a sigh came out from your mouth.
“I don’t know, how do you do it”, while you was approaching to me.
You had attended to my speech with Woot, and now i had relaxed Skull Cap with few sentences, and in someways, i had spreaded harmony among three creatures totally differents.
In my deep self i could read everything which those creatures had need in that instants

While we went toward the sofa, you was enchanted by what i had understand, just looking at Skull Cap.
He was the most sweet and tender creature, that he wouldn’t have hurt a fly either, but for his big size, and his undefinied form, it has been inserted in the worst category of those creatures, that’s why his way of appear, all the opposite of which he was: his look it was just a shield, and apparearing like this, nobody got annoying him, leaving him in his own world, and maybe those instants before, was been his very first moment of interactivity with somebody who had seen him how he really was, and that big embarassement, was because in his whole life, nobody had asked what was his name, and maybe he had forgot it as well.

I had seen in his deep self, and in someways, i knew what he was feeling: mix of discomfort and a strong desire to make to see how much he was worthing.
And that nickname i gave him, it was because i had seen a skull plaque on his small cap on his enormous head.

While i was telling you all that, you was caressing my face, losing yourself in my glance, and our fingers crossing one with another, and our breath got increasing.
We knew that, in those next hours, we could do nothing. 

Inside us it was opened itself a door, and with slow moves, another caress, lips that touched other lips, you have taken me, and together we arrived in room, where you have lay me on bed,  and you have started to kiss me. 
And when my FairyWitch light has enveloped us, you have sighed: “Don’t go away”.

You wanted make love with me, only with me.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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