I shy smile

And close the eyes, whispering your name and your embrace from behind become delicately stronger, and i tight your arms against my belly.

Always begins like this our magical connection. 
Tonight our electric shock were continuos, and who knows to what you was thinking: were toward me, and i felt them, they were delicately strong, and they has enveloped me, as your embrace in these instants. 

I’m biting my lips, and i lean myself on your chest, and our hearts are beating at the same rhythm, and i feel your embrace is becoming tighter, as if you want say me: “I don’t leave you go”, and i don’t escape.
Your arms, your embrace, our connection is the most beautiful thing that has happended in my whole life.
Despite our distance, that thread is get bigger, and it’s uniting us always more. 
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.
Do you feel it?

I’m feel you inside my soul each day that is pass by, and i’m not a crazy when i feel you feel the same, because it’s like this.
We are connect.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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