“His shadow” – tale *25*

Seemed that it wanted to swallow us, but when the little fairywitch beckoned him to approach, his big size and measure get smaller, despite he was a big creature.
He wore the same black biker clothes, and that hat, seemed that was about to fall from his enormous head, and his eyes were well hid from the cap. 

Under that mask of “bad boy” it was hiding one of the shy, and gentle creature that we had met in that neighborhood.
We presented us, but it was useless, everybody there knew who we were, maybe they didn’t know the name of that guy who was always next to me, and maybe the presentations were just to know you a bit better.

Gently i asked what was the name of the good giant, but immediately entered in panic, starting to statter, and he started to looking at himself around, with wide eyes as if he could look for something to cling.
Behind that grey big mass there was the most tender, and shy creature, but at the same time the most strong, and in him we have could find a valid support to defeat those few bullies, that in their own fear, were spreading dread without sense. 

We weren’t still entered in apartment, even if, we had wanted make enter the small  fairywitch, the big grey creature hadn’t would could, as much great he was, and without make to weight it to him, we remained there.
Woot who was placed beyond the wire mesh, was trying to rest, but when the big creature was issue his great grunts, also just to nod, his noise resounded in all that alley, and was make shake, even the walls of the yellownish building, and his rest was disturbed. 

At begin, he thought were some malicious people, and he, immediately, taken his knife, and he directed toward that buzz, but more  he was approaching, more he realized that we were who talking with other creatures. 
He made himself space among that grey mass, and the big giant, as soon noticed his presence, excuse himself.

Woot remained upheaveled, but after have looked at him in all greateness, he looked at us, questioning who was that giant creature, replacing his knife on his case on his trouser belt.
While we replied him, saying that we still didn’t know his name, Woot was looking at that little fairywitch with her floating red hair, and her dance had hypnotized him, and those words were been lost in the wind.
Only you was understanding his astonishment, because it was the same when you have see me for the first time, under the FairyWitch form.

But he got back in himself, when i said him that he would be a good element for our little cause to restabilish calm in the neighborhood, and he was happy, and now their names, maybe were the lesser important thing that there could be.

But at end the small fairywitch enchanted more Woot saying, with maximum effort, her name: “South”, and with a big smile we have welcomed her, while we were looking at the giant, that in his shyness, was become more embarassed.

I left you hand, and with all gentleness i approached to him, and i taken one of his enormous paws, and caressing it, then i looked at him straight into the eyes, and with delicateness i said: “Don’t worry, when you will want you say your name, we will be here… now can i call you Skull Cap?”, and he grunted nodding and he tightened very delicately my hand, thanking me.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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