You arrive

And all in a sudden you embrace me strong the belly, and you smile to me. I smile back, and i ask: “What happen?”, i just can feel you are smiling, and some of electric shocks crossing fast through our minds. and the vise in the stomach is get big. 

I can perceive your happiness.

Your closeness is playful, and i can feel it. 
This is Our Parallel World: despite our distance, is tangible what you are feeling, and inside our world everything is brighter, and with few sensations, everyting is more beautiful. 

My heart is beating strong, cause i’m feeling your, and everything is bonded through that small magic that has accomplished five years ago, and each day is growing always more.

You are smiling, tightening, and pulling me toward you.
You are so special, and each time i thank whoever or whatever has wanted make cross our destinies.

I feel you are embrace me sweetly.
You are filling my soul with your happiness.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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