“We were getting” – tale *24*

Back in apartment without realizing that Woot was follwing us, but almost, crossed the sidewalk, we had felt those steps, and without turning around, we have thought the same thing, but just you have talked.
“Our apartment is there: it’s enough big…” but you was immediately interrupted.
“I thank you for everything, but i already pinpointed a place where i can rest… is there where you live?” and he had indicated the yellownish and brownish building: without reply we stopped, and we have seen him who was going through the sidewalk where is a small plot of topsoil mixed with grass next to the wire mesh, that delimited our building.

I was looking at him, and maybe i was understanding his choice to placing there: with the past life he had done till now, enter in a apartement, was strange. He was no longer used to comfort.
You was about to ask him if he was sure of his choice, but i stopped you in time turning me round toward you, putting one hand one your chest and some fingers on your lips: “It’s ok so” i sighed, looking at you, and you have give me back your glance, understanding everything just staring straight into my eyes.
At the same time, we threw away all the air from the lungs, and we have left Woot in that small lay-by, next  the wire mesh of the building, and we have continued to walk, hand in hand in that dark alley.

But someone else was following us, and it did it silent, as long we have reached the rusty gate, when you have left the hand that you was tightening, his pale light has illuminating part of the dark alley.
The light has been spreaded itself slowly: making in that way, haven’t scared us, and with a feeble voice had pronnounce just two words: “My Queen?” 

I looked at you wide eyes. we had noticed that pale light, but we had thought it was just mind joke: i tightened more your hands, but after the first seconds, you have recognized that voice, and slowly you sighed: “It’s everything ok”, and i turned round.
She was the little fairywitch that had asked you where you would have take me to the first time we had seen the neighborhood changed.

After that my heart got calm, i was been able to move my glance from you toward that beam of pale light, while you was tightening me delicately, and for the very first time i have seen that fairywitch that was floating in front of us, and with the maximum effort, she was asking how did i feeling, but above all, she was warn us about a group of human beings who slowly one by one were transforming, were destroying each thing they meeting, and were threaten whoever attempeted to stop them.

After she has tell everything, my spontaneous move has been to looked at you, who promptly, you have indicated Woot, saying her that with him, we would have pianificated a plan, but that for now, we would have make few.
“I can indicated you, who would happy to join this cause” she said, and in her floating, she turned round herself, and she indicated someone of very big at the begins of the dark alley, who seemed waiting for that indication behalf her.

He was the big grey mass creature with the biker clothes”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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