With your embrace, woke me with the most sweetness of Our Parallel World, and in my mind there is all the lightness of which i really need, and there you in front of me. 
I’m biting my lips. I’m shyly smile, because i know, in our way, we are communicating.

All the sensations i feeling in this instant, are only our, and delicately, our souls wants to exceed that borderline that just one time we have exceeded, and to feel the same excitement. 
That feeling that we have felt in our heads

I hold back the breathe, for then throw it away, and i know you are doing the same, despite you are sleeping.
I’m thinking of you strong in these minutes, and the only thing i can whisper are those three small words put in row, biting my lips…

My heart is beating strong just think you are embracing me.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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