“We helped” tale *23*

Woot to got up. I cleaned him from all trash bags he had on, and with all sweetness i taken one of his webbed hands, and i placed on it, his knife, that from all the time i had in hand, i’ve studied well: it was simple but with a handle worked in silver with five double circles, that helping the hold, and despite it was a big knife, it was enough light.
His blade was enough large, and sharp to kill anyone without any effort: even me i would have handle it  with simplicity, but after replaced it inside his case, i looked at Woot, and with a shy smile, i gave it him back, and he has taken it.
“If  ever there will need of it, you will know to handle it better than me” and with that sentence, in someways, there has been, a passage of deliveries and roles

Slowly, Woot was regain his self-esteem, and despite he wasn’t got used to his new aspect, in his glance was being born, something, that it could look like a new life with a new deal.
My words had reached the intent that i have hoped.

While, everybody in that alley were about to go away, Woot stopped in front of you, and without say nothing, he had only shared a glance, and from his boot had pulled out another knife, and without ceremonies of another kind, he gave it to you, and he said: “I will have of your help, and you seem good shape: sure we are not an army, but to begin two are better than one, do not you think?” and he has gave you a pat on your shoulder.

You had smiled him with wide eyes: that evening, it was the very first time that you handling a real weapon, but with that knife in hand, your mind got back in time: when you was a child, and with a simple branch in hand, you was prentending to be a knight who was fighting against dragons to set free your princess, and all that it has passed by through your mind in a thousandth of seconds, while you have looking at Woot, for then to pass to stare your real princess: me.

I looked at you with that knife in hand, then i approached to you, and slowly i taken it, and i gave it back to Woot, saying him: “You will give it to him when, and if there will be the need”. 
Surprised, Woot thas taken again the knife, and slowly he moved away from us,  from a bit, and just in those seconds, had understood that i hoped that it wouldn’t any battle to fight, and he has understood something that he never had comprehend in his whole life, and he was remained at guard of that moment that i really hoped had no end.

My hands were on your chest, and i could feel your heart was beating strong.
“You have no need of that knife now” i sighed caressing your lips with mine. 
I wanted that everything to disappear, and i wanted  Woot had wrong about the other bullies, but i knew it was just a dream, and in those instants Woot was the only one who could helped us if we had meet them, but now i wanted to get back in that safe place in that dark alley.”


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