“Slowly” – tale *22*

We got up, and we directed toward that garbage bin leaned to the wall of the building of the bar.
In front of of it there was a wire mesh that running along the path of the alley, to protect the danger of small landslides of some unsafe trees, and beyond the wire some broken trash bags.

To illuminate that alley, there were only two street lamp, and one was to the opposite of where we were, and the other was illuminate the only garbage bin, already full of trash.
His light was of an ice blue, and was creating a glacial atmosphere.

We have could hear the sobbing, but that ligh it didn’t has help us to find immediately that creature. We were looking at around, but at end we have found the leader of that gang: he was leaned next to the garbage bin, covered by some trash bags, and he was shaking.

That transformation had shocked from his deepest self, and when we were approached to him, he looked at us with wide eyes, and to each big noise he jumping: he had nerves on the edge of the skin, and brandished his knife, as if, it could protect him from his interior ghosts: he was scared from his itself fear, and he was repeating just one setence: “Go away, go away”.
It seemed a broken record.

I looked at you, and you have whispered to be careful: i tightened your hand, and you have helped to put me on the ground: i wanted to stay in front of him, more comfortable to start to talk to him.
Without realizing, i was issuing a pale light of the FairyWitch, and i have could see better in that hole in which he was.

With all the delicateness i stretched my hand toward him, and sweetly i have moved away that trash bag that covered half of his face, and with sweet tone of voice i have tried to get calm him. 
It seemed worked: i have told  him of my first time, when the FairyWitch has came out.
“I didn’t make any resistance, i left me go, and it’s the same that you should do.”

He was shaking like a leaf, brandishing the knife in front of  me, but slowly, my words has taken street in his head, and slowly, he left fall the knife from his webbed hand, but immediately after he has taken it again, and he has looked at me deeply straight in the eyes, and without thinking much, has given it to me, saying: “Keep it! Outside there are still the other members of my group who will be more scare than me, and when scared, they can act in the worstest way. Sometimes, not even me, i held them calm. Now, maybe they are more dangerous than before.”
I left him speak, because i knew he had really need it to re- confirm his self-esteem, after that a couple of  creatures had mocked him during his transformation, when still he didn’t know what was happening.

You was always behind me, at protection of everything could get wrong, but seemed that world didn’t could touch that small alley, and we everybody were wrappied my FairyWitch light.
I had the knife in hand, for a short time i stared it, then i looked at him, and i gave it him back saying him: “You will be to protect me: you will our third eye; you know better than other how to face the danger: would you be available to do this for me?” 
After a couple of seconds of a share of glances, he nodded.

I smiled him: now the last thing that i missing was his name.
“Woot” he said.”


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