“We looked” – tale *21*

At each other, for a long instant, then slowly, you have concretized what i had said, and you haven’t could say me no.
So we have taken courage, and we went down, to get back in that reality, one at one, we had examined with all calm, without any influences of nobody, while we were taking something to cover us, we looked at each other, and without say nothing in that glance, before to open the door, a thought in common was running cross our minds.

We had to do the right thing, and crossing the rusty gate, for a short time  we stopped, looking at the end of that dark alley, where, beyond it waited for us, that new reality which we were the makers.

In the middle of the alley, i got slow down my walk, and in all sudden, i tightened more the hand that i was tightening, and i whispered i said: “Do you feel it?”, you  have slow nodded.
The buzz of the neighborhood was changed: there were no longer cars that with their deafening engine were enveloping everything, but each noise, buzz, each heavy walk, was easily distinguible, and more we went on, more we entering in that new neighborhood, where, despite all that one buzz in background, it was reigning a silence almost surreal: a metalic silence.

Arrived at end of the dark alley, there were those creatures who wandering in that enough big piazza that was a nevralgic point of that neighborhood.
We knew to be seen like those strange, above all you, but in that moment you didn’t care of it: you was looking at me, who was looking at each creatures with much interest, and furthmore, you knew that they, in their own way, they could see the FairyWitch who was inside me, and slowly her light has surrounded my being, and that was, even a protection against whoever would have wanted, in someways, get hurt us. 

We arrived to the point of our first meeting, and there we sat. 
You looked at me, and had noticed that i was looking for something or someone, with such insitence, between the new inhabitants of the neighborhood.
In a thread of voice you asked: “Who are you searching for?”
I was focused on each passer- by: i had recognized the big biker who had saluted us few hours before, but none track of who i wanted really meet.

I turned round toward you, and with the most gentle tone of voice, i replied: “The leader of the bullies…”
“What?…Why?!” you asked astonished for what i had as soon said, and i have continued: “Yes i know, it will seems strange, but i’m feel that i have to talk to him, and despite what he has done in the past, now is the most scared creature around: he doesn’t know what has happened, and now he has only need of explications: he will be him to judge what to do of his new life, if continue as if nothing was happen, or to see in his changing, a new opportunity of life”. 
It seemed you was reamined breathless, and in a certain way it was so.
In that sentence there was all my human goodness, and the wiseness of a real Queen. 

You have looked at me without words, but i have could your heart that was splashing out from your chest, and without to try add nothing else, delicately you have tightened my hand, and we have continued to scrutinize between the creatures in front.

Were feel, even, creatures who were walking behind, but none of us had turned round to see who was there.
But, all in all sudden, that metalic silence has upheaveled everything, and everybody, when we have heard a sobbing.
It came from inside the small alley next to the building behind the bench where we were sat.
Who was curled up on the ground, with the knees wrapped in his paws close to a garbage bin, was the creature who i was looking for.

He was  softly crying.”


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