“That night” – tale *20*

Seemed is passing by slowly, while your eyes were about to close, but you looking for to remain wake, but at end you gave up to Morpheus’ arms, and you laid on the pillow, but the last glance has been for me, while your hand caressing my face.

Some golden particles of the golden dust were still on my face, and with all the delicateness, you have remove them, but then you have wanted examine with cure, before to throw away them.

At first glimpse, they seemed, simple golden particle of dust, but as soon you have taken in hand, you have noticed that they seemed alive: they were moving; they had a their own life.
You had, as soon noticed that particular, when that bunch of golden dust, has taken the floating flight, and they has left the bedroom, leaving you, always more astonished.

You was so tired that you had, not even, the strenght to reason on that: you have seen that bunch of golden dust flying away, when you have closed the eyes, while my hand was tightened your yet.

When i realized that you laid yourself, little by little, i approached to you, and you have welcomed me on your chest, whispering: “Come my princess”, and you have tightened me more, among your arms.
You fallen asleep, throwing away delicately all the air from the lungs.

For the remaining hours, we both, had sleep, some of the deep resting hours of our lives, and in that sleep, maybe unconsciously, but even not, we had absorb, all that new situation we had created, staying together.

I had opened the eyes first, and i was remained in bed, just stare the wall in front.
Like flashback, i relived again that evening, just passed by: i seen again all those creatures in our neighborhood.
But that one that has remained impressed in mind, has been the slow transformation of the leader of the group of the bullies. His reaction of astonishment mixed with that one of a emotion that he hadn’t never felt before.

He was looked at his hand transforming in some kind of paw: his hands were transformed in webbed hands, and he looked at them opening them, and tightening the fist, then when another passer-by, has started to smile, instead to have scare, he has started to touch his face that, little by little, was getting bigger, and at end, his ears, were growing up, under his hands: for a thousandth of second, the terror has printed itself on his face.

My heart has started to beat strong, and in my head was being born the desire get back in the middle of those creatures. 
You turned round toward my part, and slowly, your hand has delicately touched my legs, and one by one, you have opened the eyes, and our glances met for the first time after you have brought me in the apartment.
Sweetly we smiled each other; you have kissed my hand, asking how did i feel. 
I threw away the air from lungs, and in that gesture you have understand what i had in mind.
“Are you sure?” you asked, looking at me straight into the eyes. I have nodded caressing your face, while you was shyly smiling.

Those creatures had to have a foothold, and that one that was me.
Their queen, or like you have called me, their princess. 
Looking at you intensively an “I love you” has escaped away out from my mouth.”


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