Here you are

I feel your closeness, your embrace, and your eyes straight into mine, and you sweet voice is craddling me.
You saying just sentences that filling my soul, and for sure you are the only person that i would like have next to me in these instants, but in our own way, you are always here by my side.

Despite our damned distance, we feel close each other.
My hands are starting to shake on this keyboard, when i feel your embrace from behind, and you are sweetly tightening more my belly
My head is about to explode: i can feel you are think a bit of me, and you are shyly smiling.

The heart is beating strong in these instants: i’m feel your mind is facing to me: your sweetness is enveloping.
Your glance is piercing my soul. and everything vanish around us, and slowly is become Our Parallel World.
Let’s remain there forever.


Listen to it โ‡“โ‡“

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